Book review: Thrive by Arianna Huffington

By February 23, 2015 Creativity
arianna huffington thrive book cover

This book made it’s rounds last summer and was mentioned almost everywhere. I found the book to be a quick read, and one with much weight. As what Arianna is saying in the book are no news, however, that she says it makes it more powerful and it’s a much needed book. As Arianna is a thought leader and a leader in her field, she has the power to make an impact with her words and change the industry.

I recommend that you either read it on an iPad, because there are so many sections and bits you might want to highlight and to have at hand, or look up the source for, for further reading of that particular research.


Who is it for:
  • Anyone who understands that being a professional or an expert at what they do, may it be as a hired person or your running your own business. That it’s in your job to look after yourself and also be the good example to others that live under the illusion that being overworked and pushing yourself towards exhaustion is somewhat an “achievement”.
  • For anyone who understands that a life/work balance is a must to achieve the best results and drive performance, new ideas and a positive outlook in general.


Why should you read this book:
  • You get advice backed up with research and scientific facts about how the human body works.
  • The book is divided into four parts; well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving where Arianna explains how these four pillars effects your life.
  • If you are one of those people, who mistake being overworked for achievement, you get a much needed wake up call where you get hardcore WHY’s to why you should redesign your life and that performance is the basis of achievement.  And that wearing your “stress badge” with pride, hurts both yourself and others.
  • You get stories from other people, which has suffered burnouts or been on the brink of one, and restructured their lives with great success as the outcome.
  • It’s a great book to have at hand, when you doubt yourself, what you stand for and you can just look up the highlights you made in the book. And you’ll see that your the sane one while everyone is running around like chickens sans their heads, so to speak.


arianna huffington by the

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4 must watch fashion movies that will inspire you to pursue your passion

By February 18, 2015 Creativity

As someone who has worked in fashion, albeit “just as” an eCommerce Manager, I find the fashion world enticingly interesting. One of the reasons are that the fashion industry is filled with passionate people who follow both their dreams and visions and work immensely hard to achieve them and make them reality.

Then there is this other side of fashion which I adore. The art of the clothes that meets real life and enable people to express their unique sense of style and flair that makes the world so very beautiful.

I love a strong character in a person which is enhanced to full bloom by the way they dress.  Therefore I have put together my top four fashion must see documentaries that will inspire you, that encapsulates all aspects of fashion which I love and get so inspired by.


Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel

Her unique beauty, work ethic and style brought her to Harpers Bazaar. She is also the inventor of the Met Gala. This movie proves that passion gets you everywhere.



Bill Cunningham New York

This man has devoted his entire life to documenting the unique beauty of the streets of New York. He is simply amazing.


Advanced Style

Seven beautiful women who live in New York which is regularly photographed by Ari Seth Cohen from the Advanced style blog. This blog has contributed with a change in the worlds towards the better. The fashion houses and magazines have realised that older women are beautiful and they too should be included in all areas of fashion.


Lagerfeld Confidential

Even Karl Lagerfeld has to do things himself if he is not happy with the result. This is an intimate view of Karl, where you get to follow him both in action while creating and in his home. A exclusive peek inside a beautiful genius world. This move makes me want to work even harder at reaching my dreams.

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Project review & evaluation

By February 9, 2015 Digital Insights, Productivity

If you strive to learn and improve in your field of work – or even personal life – evaluating a project or a delivery is a crucial part of getting a head of the competition. Using a simple evaluation form or document is useful for anything from campaigns, projects and even to see if the team set-up is right.

The purpose of this excise is to get constructive tangible feedback from the team on what can be improved and define what worked well.

You can create a document, to pass around to the team, client and everyone else involved in whatever it may be – or you can set-up a Google form for people to fill in. It’s whatever works for you really.

Below, I’ve included a few short sections with questions aimed for a team to answer, which has delivered a communications project with the purpose to understand if the tools used where useful, the team set-up was successful and if any internal company processes need to be updated. As I work at full service digital agency at the moment, I used such a scenario as an example. This is really brief, just to illustrate how to perform a evaluation:

 From your experience working with this project, please answer the following questions:

1. Did [insert company name ] have the tools necessary for you to perform your work?

2. If not did it take long to obtain the tools you needed for your work?

3. Which tools do you recommend to obtain for the future and why are they better then the ones we have now – or what benefits will the tools/software/etc bring to future projects?


1. Did you have the information necessary to perform your work upon starting your tasks and contribution to the project?

2. Our internal team meetings – where they effective? too many? or to few?

3. Our external client or supplier meetings – where they effective? too many? or to few?

4. Were your tasks, responsibilities and deadlines clearly communicated to you?


1. How well did your team work as a group?

2. The communication in the group – how did you experience this?

3. Was our approach effective? If yes- why? if no – why?


Challenges and desired improvements
1. What did you experience as difficult, challenging or did not work at all?

2. Do you have any suggestions for improvements for the next project of this type?

3. What would you want to do differently next time?


Your experience
1. What lessons have you learned?

2. To what extent did the project make you more comfortable with working with [insert specifics about your project here]?

3. Was anything holding up or in the way for you to perform your work in time for your deadline?

4. Any suggestions to make this a better experience in the future?

5. Do you have anything else you would like to add?


This can easily be modified and added too, to suit your specific needs. If you want the project evaluation template above – you can download it here.

Want to know more about how to manage project successfully? check out my project management column over here.

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January round-up

By February 2, 2015 Life Through My Eyes

Well this month just flew by. People tend to have this view of January as the longest month ever, but I completely disagree. 2015 have been off to a flying start and with the new year in full bloom I hope to capture a few gems from each month to remember and save going forward. It’s an experiment I’m doing for the entire of 2015 :)


♥ I brushed up on my design skills and created a free publication to test out issuu and get deeper knowledge on both publishing and advertising for mobile and tablet devices.

♥ I learned all there is to know about creating successful Twitter Ads by sheer trial and error, and it was about time! The set-up is really easy and intuitive and I really like what they’ve done with the process of setting up ads and the entire reporting section. In my opinion, thats what the webb should look like. A perfect mix of good UX, design and technology.

♥ My interview with Cook Vegetarian is out in their February issue. In the interview I share how I became vegetarian, then went vegan (pretty much without thinking about it) and what I eat when no-one else is watching (you’ll be surprised!).

♥ I gave away an incredible amount of clothes to charity. A real gift, for me since it made me feel quite awesome.

♥ I started with an experiment at work, to increase my productivity and focus, such as email checkpoints (never more than 3/day, 1 day a week I work from my home office, using the I versus U priority model on my to do lists, amongst other things) and I’m really happy with the progress so far.

♥ I started with the V2MOM intention and goal setting method for important areas in my life.

♥ I saw The Inside Job and picked up a book explaining the US financial system which is like a horror story, but in real life.

♥ I styled a shot centered around the quintessential British Afternoon Tea, that came out really nice despite the dwindling winter light.




My top 5 links from January

♥ Experts make it look easy.

♥ Gala Darling curated 12 points of no bullshit business advice from babes you’d like to be BFFs with

♥ This made me miss London even more – giant ball pool in London opens up – for adults.

♥ A great article on the topic of ASO (App Search Optimisation) with step-by-step instructions and a breakdown divided between App Store and Google Play.

♥ 99U – Best of 2014: Top Tips, Insights, & Tricks 

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