Book review: #girlboss by sophia amoruso

By April 27, 2015 Creativity

I picked up this book because I love the fashion industry, a good biography and I like to read about hustling and inspiring women.

I found tis book really entertaining from a biographical story kind of way and I enjoyed reading about Sophia Amoruso’s journey and how she went from a dumpster driving hobo to a kick ass #girlboss taking on stuck-up bald business men in stiff suits.

Who is it for:
  • This book is aimed  for someone just starting out, in the early beginning of her (or his) career
  • Or someone who thinks they are “stuck in a rut” and wants to know of possible ways to change this
  • Or someone who needs a good kick in their ass and reality check
  • To get some you-can-do-this energy when the world appears to be filled with PITAS, that yes, you can do it to on your own terms
Why should you read this book:
  • If you are just starting out and want to know how to make it in any industry but particularly the fashion industry.
  • To get the, yes anyone can do it inspiration.
  • It’s brimming with career advice for young girls/boys, in a language I think may suit and appeal to them


As it was an amusing book to read, what I found most interesting was about Sophia Amoruso herself. Otherwise, as I said before, this is definitely a book aimed at a younger demographic. It cave me some amusing stories and I feel strongly that more women like Sophia Amoruso are needed in the business world. In terms of advice or knowledge it didn’t give me that much new under the sun. It’s not because its bad advice, it’s just that what I’m seeking for in advice and knowledge is perhaps more in the books of Sheryl Sandberg and Arianna Huffington.



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By April 20, 2015 Life Through My Eyes

My birthday is always a time for me when I to take stock of my life. Is it going in the direction I want it to? am I happy? am I doing what I want? who am I spending time with? and so forth.

We are only on this planet for a limited period of time, and then who knows what happens. I really believe that one should be aware and present when being here and to make ones life the happiest and most enjoyable experience that one can in relation to ones own heart and soul. At least that’s my philosophy on life. Which has seen me move countries, travel and explore life perhaps a bit outside what is considered the norm in this current society/western world.

My aim is to live a life that feels right to me. That I’m proud over and that makes me happy and feel exited when I get up in the morning and fulfilled when I go to bed at night.

For me that is a life where I get to explore new knowledge, countries, view the stars from the other side of the planet and putting my own perspective up side down.

thoughts on being 32 years old today

I want to satisfy my curiosity and to push boundaries, both when it comes to my own beliefs and opinions about life, thoughts and yes everything but also in my field of work. As the field I work within always change, evolve and is directly correlated with peoples imagination and the strength of it. For me, one of life’s luxuries, is the opportunities presented for learning something new. However painful it may be sometimes.

Living a simple life in terms of belongings is also something that have evolved with time and with this constant life of moving around which somehow seem to be related to not owning ones flat or house. But also the more I shed from what I thought was belongings so essential for me to thrive and exist (like my favourite DVD’s, CD’s, even books and my own sketchpads) the more free I feel.

I’ve often made long trips and “lived out of” my suitcase, and those have been some of the best times in my life. I don’t need much more then a book to draw in, a computer to capture my thoughts and creativity, a camera and a couple of rad outfits and I’m perfectly happy wherever I may be.

As long as I get to nurture and express my creativity, in whatever field it may be or form in may take, I’m extremely happy.

But this magical planet that we live on, so beautiful and perfect would be nothing without the people I know or the animals who inhabit this place we call earth. Spending time with people I love, and who nurture me with their sheer presence and energy and whom inspire me, also makes my life experience complete. I’m extremely grateful for my friends which I’ve gathered from all walks of life and who are very different but in a way – means they complete me and push me lovingly towards personal growth. Through the years I’ve added to my family in the shape of the friends I’ve met and made throughout my life. They’ve always been there for me when I needed support, a lesson or as inspiration when I’ve been perhaps in a darker place myself. I’ve seen their lives blossom and it has kept me going when I really needed it.

thoughts on being 32 years old today

Which takes my to my next point, the choices I make. I always believe I have a choice. It’s just how conscious and present I may be in a situation, that sometimes I forget. Bit I do have a choice. And for me that means I don’t want to hurt anyone or the beautiful planet we live on. I’m so happy that I can decorate my flat with beautiful furniture and build a home, not needing to go to a store to buy new things and contribute towards our planets decay. But the most important choice of all for me, that I’m actually grateful for have made on a regularly, is not eating meat and not participating in hurting others because the lack of communication or understanding of other species. I strongly believe I will never waiver from this path, as I in a year will celebrate 20 years without eating meat.

That takes strength from within to walk a path unknown, stand up and be different and to follow my dreams. When everyone else around you is doing something different. It’s not easy, as what in this society is done in large groups of people are in many cases considered normal and accepted in this world. That scares me. Since that type of thinking as created concentration camps, racism, female inequality and so on. Just because everyone else is doing something – doses not make it right.

The last thought on this long philosophical post is that I don’t believe in wasting time. Again this also has something to do with being strong, empowered and brave when a situation requires it, although that not necessary how I feel or view myself. Having the strength to know ones worth and not stay in negative or even abusive situations, which can be in the form or people, circumstances or in even some cases even work. To choose happiness and what makes me feel good and happy. I carefully craft, hone and build my life, it’s taken a long time to get to certain insights and the sometimes hard lessons, have been learned – and that’s not for nothing. I will never compromise my life and conform to something that does not feel right or nurture my experience of life or wellbeing. That’s a promise I’ve made to myself.

Because at the end of the day – what is really important to me?

That’s my core question. Guiding me through life and something I’ve thought long and hard on up to this very day, because I value my life, my experience which I was gifted with at exactly 10.00 AM 32 years ago, today.


This post is illustrated with #truthbombs made by Danielle La Porte. I’ve borrowed them from her instagram account and I added her words to this post because they seemed so fitting to my text.  ~You should check her out, she is fierce.

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DIY makeover for a chest of drawers

By April 13, 2015 Creativity
diy chest-of-drawers

When I’m not in the kitchen creating recipes, huddled up somewhere writing, drawing, or somewhere taking photos, I enjoy using my creative abilities to enhance my living space. I’ve always loved interior design, not just for the aesthetics, but for creating a positive feeling around me, and to create a space I want to be in.

As I’ve lived abroad for a while I don’t have that much furniture and they few things I do have are mostly from antique or second hand stores. Which suits me just fine from both an environmental but an aesthetic perspective. Since I’m of the opinion that:

a) there is too much of everything produced in the world today, I save the environment by opting for vintage furniture

b) there is an abundance of beautiful furniture from early 1800 century and beyond that is absolutely stunning and so much more durable then some new furniture

c) I want my home to look like a mix between a worldly eccentric ladys home, a vampire boudoir and a bordello and that aint your ordinary shop-the-look kind of style so pieces are hard to get to fit what I’m aiming at

One of my favourite things to do is to do a make-over of furniture I find. With a few easy tweaks you can customise almost anything over a weekend or a few days, just as I did with this chest of drawers that I found last summer.

The tools I used:
  • 1 matte black pot of paint
  • a screwdriver
  • a hammer
  • a plier
  • a brush
  • dish sponge
  • ordinary cleaning products
  • ketchup
  • baking soda

diy chest-of-drawersThis is the chest of drawers or a dresser whichever you want to call it, in its original state. Kind of bland brown looking. But when I saw it in the second hand shop I instantly thought it had potential.

I started with cleaning it with ordinary cleaning supplies that I had at home. Then I removed the handles since I had a special plan for them.


I then added them to my kitchen sink which was filled with hot water and then I added loads of baking soda to the water and let them soak overnight.

While doing that I coated the dresser with two coats of paint. Which dried with 8 hours in between coatings.

diy chest-of-drawers

After the handles had soaked I rinsed them quickly and then added them to my sink again, this time I scrubbed the handles with heaps of ketchup using the coarse side of an ordinary dish sponge. I then rinsed them off and then let them dry completely before securing them them back on to the drawers.

diy chest-of-drawers

As you can see from the image above, it’s quite a big difference between the handles from just using hot water, baking soda, ketchup and some determination and tenacity.

diy chest-of-drawersThis is the finished work and all in all it took maybe two days to complete.

If you are looking for DIY dresser inspiration, I recommend this Pinterest board with some really awesome projects with before and after photos of some serious dresser DIY’s.


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March round-up

By April 6, 2015 Life Through My Eyes
adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you

March have been a month of new beginnings, discovering a new paths and exploring new directions in life.

♤ I spent an intense week in Stockholm. Apparently living in the most flush and cool spot in town thanks to a new colleague, who set me up in a real quaint hotel. I luxuriated in walking to work in the mornings and getting a few bustling moments to myself. It was one fun filled week with plenty of new people to meet and plenty of new things to learn. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to get outside my comfort zone and routine.

♤ I finished reading the Top five regrets of the dying by Bronnie Ware. I highly recommend this book, it’s many great stories in one. This is a book I will re-read throughout my life.

♤ I also finished reading Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman. I particularly liked to read a short story with Shadow in it, since I miss the calm American Gods character. As well as a fresh take on Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. I never get to old for fairy tales.

♤ I spent a lot of time with my friends this month, as well as being bugged down with a really nasty flu. Which meant that I’ve not done that much this month other then working, sleeping and reading.


Top web-link picks of this month:

Maria Rapetskaya writes for 99u what happens when she stop apologising for wanting to create and maintain her life/work balance. Respect!

I adore this design that Shauna Haider from We Are Branch made for Brand New Ways, it’s beautiful, elegant and timeless and I love how the online and offline design merges so well.

Ivanka Trump launched an initiative called #womenwhowork highlighting incredibly inspiring women. You should check this out.

Gala Darling writes about feeling a burnout, and found one question which helped her bring clarity about her situation.



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