4 books – 4 new perspectives

By September 11, 2014 Life Through My Eyes

I recently got myself a selection of new books to read. I’ve devoured every business book by Richard Branson by now, even tried to read a book by Donald Trump, they are all very inspirational, in their own way.

I just feel that there is a perspective lacking. So I’ve stocked up on three books by female business owners or leaders. As a woman myself, I feel it’s important to find other women to learn from. But not only that, there is a different way of thinking, that I see as crucial for the future that I need to get educated on. Hence why I picked up Thrive by Adrianna Huffington for that specific reason.

Each book is in a different format, one I have on my iPad, one hard copy, one paperback and the forth book by Eckhart Tolle, I’m listening to on my way to work each morning. The Eckart Tolle book is to give me something else to relate to, a completely, complex new perspective and thoughts, but which I think is important and somehow jacks into the book by Adrianna Huffington. The Power of Now also adds a much needed balance in this tres business related and heavy booklist.


Thrive Adrianna Huffington

I was mesmerised by her story of working herself to beyond exhaustion, waking up on her office floor in a pool of blood. Therefore I picked up this book to hear her story but also what she discovered on her journey back to health and vitality. The book is jam packed with new scientific findings on how our brain works, what our bodies need etc.

Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

As I understand it (before even reading the book), this is a book for women who aspire to be leaders in their field of passion. To navigate the world of business from a female perspective and reality, unfortunately we live in a world where we need books like this.

Girl Boss - Sophia Amoruso

This is a success story as well as business insights from a hustling outsider or outsiders. Sophia Amoruso, a former dumpster diving crust punk is now kicking som serious ass in the online fashion business. I picked up this book because I want to hear it from someone who is not afraid to be truly herself, as well as curious and super dedicated to what she loves.

The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

I picked up this book because I needed something completely different apart from adding all this business knowledge to my brain. Something maybe a bit outside my comfort zone that will rattle my brain in new ways. Spirit is also important for me. A vital component of transforming knowledge into wisdom – for me.


I’ll write in more detail about each book, what I thought, what they gave me, once I’ve finished them.


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What is attribution modeling?

By August 15, 2014 Digital Marketing Simplified

The word attribution modeling have been bouncing around in the digital marketing world for some time now. It may sound like this is something very complicated that only the analytical-uber-menschen-geeks can grapple and handle. But alas, its i not. In this article I will help you understand what attribution modeling is and how this can help you measure the effect of your marketing campaigns in a better way.

Also called: marketing attribution, attribution marketing

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Explore Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, Germany

By August 8, 2014 Travel Journal
Sanssouci Park Potsdam

Potsdam is a quaint little town in Germany close to Berlin. If you love castles and fairly tales I recommend a trip to Sanssouci Park to be awed beyond your wildest imagination.

If you are in Berlin and have a day over this is a perfect day trip outside the city. The train to Potsdam (takes about 45 min) then a tram takes you out to the park.

It’s a full days walk to see the entire park in a leisurely pace. Be sure to bring both a brolly (if in summer) some picnic food, comfortable walking shoes, water and a camera with a fully charged battery when you go.

Sanssouci Park was the “summer palace area” of Frederick the Great and is raised in Rococo style. It’s an abundant park which is beautifully designed that dates back to the 1700 century.

Here’s some of my snaps from Sanssouci Park which is laced with so many castles that it will make you believe you are in your very own fairly-tale.

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Why you should invest in your knowledge through Skillshare

By August 1, 2014 Digital Marketing Simplified, Life Through My Eyes

I’ve been eyeing out Skillshare for a while. I’ve been longingly browsing the classes, dreaming about the possibilities but not had the time to really dedicate to really get my teeth into a subject. A class in particular that I’ve been interested in for a while is the Modern Marketing Workshop with Seth Godin.

Last week I finally got some time and the opportunity to sign-up and start my first class. I bought a one of class for $20 and it turned out to be the most well invested time and money I’ve spent in a long time on educational material. In this post I want to tell you why.

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How to create a kick-ass project plan in 7 easy steps

By July 22, 2014 Creativity
Project plan

Planning is half the job done and if you have a project proposal which is approved by the client, it’s even easier. Just re-use the information from your proposal, and use what is relevant for your team based on the 7 points below.

If you start from scratch, these are the bare minimum of information required to use as a clear and helpful steering document while working with your project.

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Digital insights: How to create a successful campaign for multiple devices

By June 2, 2014 Digital Insights, Digital Marketing Simplified
planning campaigns for multiple devices

Working within the digital industry or with digital creativity, if I may call it that, there are a couple of things that from my experience, is useful to consider before creating campaign material from an brilliant idea. Now days with the number of devices around, you need to consider and evaluate your campaign from a 360° perspective.  These 9 points will help you save time, money and cut back on tears and frustration – and above all help you stay focused and true to both your target audience and campaign purpose.

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How to write a project proposal: the details to include

By May 4, 2014 Creativity

As the forth part in the article series on project management – I’ve listed the most common points to include when writing a project proposal. The first part covered some general advice – this piece focus on the details.

Bare in mind that sometimes less or more are required, depending on the complexity of your assignment, how many companies that are involved in creating the work for your customer and the size of the actual project scope – i.e the work in it’s entirety that you are doing.

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31 awesome moments of my life

By April 25, 2014 Life Through My Eyes

I originally started thinking about this list prior to my birthday last year, but I never got around to post it. So I decided to instead share 31 unforgettable moments of my life so far.

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Stylist – a modern magazine for smart women

By April 13, 2014 Creativity
stylist magazine

When I lived in London, one of my favorite magazines was handed out for free every Wednesday and was the highlight of my commute to work each week. This publication is called Stylist which is a bold, stylish and inspirational magazine aimed at smart women.

I discovered the other day that Stylist is now available for iPad and I downloaded every single issue available.

You may at first glance think that this is you average “female interest” lifestyle magazine. But it’s not. Together with Elle UK (with their thought provoking articles mixed with high fashion and their “does feminism need a re-brand campaign”) this is actually a much needed weekly boost of female power.

Sure Stylist contains the usual content such on topics such as beauty, fashion, food etc. But it also contains ideas, interviews with inspiring females from all corners of the world and of all possible professions.

Stylist dares to bring up uncomfortable subjects and write smart articles about them. The misogynist lyrics in pop culture made me – living in blissful ignorance since I do not listen to radio or watch telly – choke on my morning coffee and made my blood boil. Or this weeks issue, made me think about the social curse of the word “fine”whereas some weeks ago I could cheer on Somayya Jabarti the first female editor of a magazine, ever, in Saudi Arabia.

So if you’re a woman who liked to be both entertained and educated, maybe sometimes a bit enraged. And want to enjoy a well designed and inspirational publication – Stylist Magazine is for you.

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How to write a project proposal: general advice

By April 11, 2014 Creativity
general advice on how to create a project proposal

Your project proposal is the foundation for the agreement between you and your customer – you want your customer to be fully aware of the details and understand your process and why it benefits the project in question.  The project proposal is also the foundation for your project plan. Once you’ve done this, the majority of the work for your project plan to use within your company is already done.

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