How to create a results driven media plan

By May 25, 2015 Creativity

Media plans are not just a planning tool for big media agencies outlining marketing investment and activities. They are useful for anyone managing marketing activities to keep track of investments. Usually a media plan reflects the investments necessary in each type of media in relation to your communication and marketing plan for the year.

This article focuses solely on digital media and I want to add another layer to the media plan which is return of investment (ROI) and helps you set-up your own media plan by yourself.


The benefits of my media plan are:
  • This media plan helps you keep track of each penny invested and each penny earned for each campaign.
  • You will know which campaign that performed the best or worst in terms of ROI or any other goal you add for your campaigns (CPL, CPO etc)
  • You will know which network or platform performs the best or worst in terms of ROI.
  • You will have all the information you need at your fingertips when you need to evaluate performance and compare platforms or campaigns to each other.
  • You can add other KPIs as well, such as traffic, shares etc, if relevant.
  • I’ve used ROI since its easy to measure


My media plan template explained:


I’ve built my media plan in one excel document, which start with the overview on the year with my chosen channels to the left and the months continuing to the right.

This is the overview of the total investment in each channel, each month and the total investment for the year.


This is where I insert the specifics for each campaign. You can flesh this out with more details if you need, such as adding all banner types used, links to the banners or call to actions used.

My advice for using the template
  • Make formulas in excel which counts automatically upon entering numbers. Don’t know how. Here are tutorials for how to create formulas in excel for basic counting: add, subtract, divide, percentage of.
  • Assess this at the end of each week/month/campaign/quarter and/or year to keep track of the performance of your campaigns and stop running campaigns that generate non or low returns.
  • Assess at the end of the year or marketing period and plan the following year or period to ensure better use of your marketing budgets and platforms.
  • If you need help to calculate the ROI you can use this ROI calculator


Template download

Of course  you can download my template and modify with details that are relevant to you. If you get any new nifty ideas or use for this template, please add them in the comments below.

Photo credit: death to the stock photo 

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7 tips to improve your Instagram

By May 18, 2015 Creativity

Instagram has changed a lot since it first launched. In the beginning it was all about the arty-indie images and the heavy use of filters. Then it has progressed beyond that and almost no instagram-superstar uses a filter anymore and everyone is aiming for pro-photo quality, attention to detail and elaborative storytelling.

I’ve gathered 5 creative instagram accounts which I follow, that I think uses the strenghts of instagram brilliantly. And a few notes on what they have in common, in the end – which you can take with you and learn from.


Mattle has created a instagram account for Barbie which has breathtaking attention to detail, images of Barbie all over the world – which prompts a double take, is that really a doll and uses creative and relevant storytelling.



Gala Darlings instagram account is a refection of her and her style in excruciating well done detail. Her instagram account reflects the way she speaks, dress, write and the imagery she uses for her blog. She is perfectly consistent with her brand and whom she is. Teaching self-love to millions of women and doing so in her bright fuchsia pink, glittery unique way. All the way from instagram to her business cards – she stays true to herself.

Ivanka Trump mixes stills of her products, with photography of her beautiful self, encouraging quotes from other women and “in the life” photos of her being a proud mom, training for the marathon etc. Ivanka Trumps instagram is both inspiring and authentic. A mix of pro photos with everyday life and it’s inspiring to follow.

Kate Spade is not on here because it’s one of my favourite brands. It’s on this list because they mix lifestyle, with clever brand photography. With lifestyle I mean beautiful photos of places with or without their products that “a Kate Spade girl” dreams about or aspire to be in. They know their target audience well. They recently lunched a video series on instagram, #missadventure which they post snippets of on instagram as well to promote. It’s all very well made and beautiful.



Martha Stewart (mainly living magazine) does a great job on Instagram. They have som many high quality photos to use from the magazines which makes a stunning instagram feed filled with food, drink, flowers, interior inspiration and more. They have a consistent look and feel in their photography which is unmatched.

What does these five accounts have in common:
  1. Storytelling – most of them take time telling a story, and doing in consistent and well.
  2. Still life compositions – both with or without their products, as well as choosing items that reflect their brand.
  3. Lifestyle – either incorporated in the still life compositions or in the story they tell. They done so around a lifestyle their target audience dream about or aspire towards.
  4. Using inspiring quotes – delivered in a well designed format including a slick brand reference.
  5. High quality photography – most of the images are not shot with an iPhone but with a DSLR.
  6. Their branding outside their brand– ie the colors of the flowers, cutlery, porcelain, patterns etc.
  7. Not a filer in sight.

Image sources: all photos are copyrighted to the specific person or brand. I’ve only used them on the site and borrowed them from each instagram account for inspirational and educational purposes.

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How to Host effective meetings

By May 11, 2015 Creativity

Meetings can be both stressful and the single most effective way to move a project to the next level. The earlier if you have too many meetings in a row without a clear purpose, the latter to work through challenges, that may be perceived as greater than they actually are while being discussed in epic emails back and forth.

As far as meeting goes, they are also a great way to spearhead something forward, to bring a team together but also to deepen any relationships and to get to know your clients better.

I’m a firm believer in short, purposeful and effective meetings. Here’s my 11 tips on how to host an effective meeting, from beginning to end.

Purpose/Goal of meeting – decide on why you are meeting, who you really need at the meeting and what the end goal of your meeting is. What is the intention behind having this meeting?

Create a short agenda – before sending out a meeting invite, create a short bullet list of the points you like to go through so that your attendees get the opportunity to prepare in good time.

Add timings – to you agenda, if possible. I.e short introduction (5 mins), round-up of previous months activities (10 mins), etc.

Share any relevant documentation – or information which is relevant to the  meeting in good time ahead of the meeting so that your attendees get the opportunity to look through, assess and be prepared to give their specific input at the meeting.

Stay on topic – if the conversation start to veer of topic. Get back on track with statements such as “As we are here to discuss” or “As we talked about earlier” etc. Pleasantries are nice, however try to get the socialising done in the beginning and in the end.

Park items – if you are unable to agree or come to a conclusion on a particular topic. Park it. Simply note it down and agree and commit to get back to it at a later date which you all agree upon.

Get everyone to participate – if someone has been quiet and not contributed, ask them in a nice way, to share their thoughts on a particular subject you are discussing. Sometimes people are shy and need an invite to join in.

Challenge topics, ideas or problems – stay away from challenging people. Focus on the topic and leave the person out of it. Everyone does not have to agree, but learn how to separate the topics from the people.

A meeting invite contains – date and start and end time, goal/purpose of meeting (if applicable), agenda and an address to the place of the meeting.

Sum it up – in the end before everyones leaves, take a few minutes to wrap up the meeting. Quickly sum up what you decided, what actions and next steps you need to take and anything else, which was noteworthy. If no one adds anything else. You all agree :)

Take notes – on what you agreed upon, actions with the responsible person and deadlines. Email to everyone, and ask for clarifications, corrections and input on additional thoughts after the meeting, if any.

Want more project management advice?

Head on over to my project management column.


Image source: found on Pinterest. Unsure of whom to credit. Would love to know who took the image and where its from.


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April round-up

By May 4, 2015 Life Through My Eyes


☘   My Easter was calm and I spent it doing a juice cleanse and hitting the gym. Mixing it up with a few days of working on my photography.

☘   I finally got my own vegan Gothenburg guide up. Working on a don’t eat here guide for this city as well.

☘   On the subject of health. I got the opportunity to do an health check-up and I aced the test. I’ve never done this type of health test before. As I’m someone who invests both time and money in my health and wellbeing – this type of check-up reinforced my choices and motivated me to stay on my path.

☘   I’ve continued with my productivity experiments in the office for email, phone, planning and to do lists with pleasing results.

☘   I spend less money buying soy or oat lattes on my way to the office. And I’m finally halfway to cutting down on my infamous “coffee-addiction”.

☘   My Birthday was glorious and spent having cocktails with one my of my gorgeous, best friends and even included making guacamole, it was unexpected fun. The very late evening was spent with my partner drinking tea and open presents, so all in all it was an awesome day :)

So far been to Stockholm for twice this month for my Trusted Advisor course, which I’m really grateful for getting the opportunity to attend.

☘   Finally the sunlight is returning to this dark cold igloo of a country!

☘   For the last 4 months, I’ve taken a few hours to myself at a cafe, evaluating the month that’s just passed, n more details then this. I’m happy I’m keeping it up and being present and conscious not letting time just fly by.


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