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March, 2012

Life Through My Eyes

A weekend of disconnect for someone who wishes to reconnect

By On March 29, 2012

With no internet, no computer, no tweets, no nothing!     Waking up to Geraniums, spooky ones. Having books with breakfast, not computer with breakfast. I stole these, from mother nature. So… Read More

Life Through My Eyes

A view from WebCoast

By On March 21, 2012

Photo by: Christian Aliaga I’m probably the last person in the world to blog about WebCoast, but nevertheless I am finally writing this down. Last weekend I attended a “unconference” – a… Read More

Interior Design

Vintage finds

By On March 13, 2012

I lived without teaspoons for years. I don’t buy things just because I may need them. If I buy something, I have to really, really need it AND I have to love… Read More


What a week!

By On March 11, 2012

IMAGE SOURCE: The Esquire from My Opera 12 hours at A&E sucked the life out of me A bomb went off in the same building as my office I managed to get… Read More

Interior Design

This weekends shopping

By On March 11, 2012

Found this for approximately £9. It will look divine in the hallway just when you get in, with a red lampshade.   Bought some of the lovely Mateus porcelain I collect. Lace… Read More

Interior Design

Welcome to my bookcase

By On March 11, 2012

   … Read More


The new pad – some of the rooms and details

By On March 11, 2012

Love my sofa. Found it at a secondhand store for next to nothing. Green velvet and fringes, to cool. The flat has a lot of weird space, working on figuring it out.… Read More