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How to create a results driven media plan

By On May 25, 2015

Media plans are not just a planning tool for big media agencies outlining marketing investment and activities. They are useful for anyone managing marketing activities to keep track of investments. Usually a media… Read More


7 tips to improve your Instagram

By On May 18, 2015

Instagram has changed a lot since it first launched. In the beginning it was all about the arty-indie images and the heavy use of filters. Then it has progressed beyond that and… Read More


How to Host effective meetings

By On May 11, 2015

Meetings can be both stressful and the single most effective way to move a project to the next level. The earlier if you have too many meetings in a row without a clear… Read More


Book review: #girlboss by sophia amoruso

By On April 27, 2015

I picked up this book because I love the fashion industry, a good biography and I like to read about hustling and inspiring women. I found tis book really entertaining from a… Read More