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must read business magazines

4 must read business magazines

By On March 30, 2015

These are 4 of my absolute favourite business magazines that I go to for solid advice on almost anything that makes my curiosity tick. A perfect Sunday morning for me, consists of… Read More


How to make a clear and visual time plan

By On March 9, 2015

Every project plan need a clear, visual time plan. This helps both you, the team and client to better understand the project and helps everyone feel more in control since it makes… Read More

arianna huffington thrive book cover

Book review: Thrive by Arianna Huffington

By On February 23, 2015

This book made it’s rounds last summer and was mentioned almost everywhere. I found the book to be a quick read, and one with much weight. As what Arianna is saying in the… Read More


4 must watch fashion movies that will inspire you to pursue your passion

By On February 18, 2015

As someone who has worked in fashion, albeit “just as” an eCommerce Manager, I find the fashion world enticingly interesting. One of the reasons are that the fashion industry is filled with… Read More