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Weekly roundup: week 21

By On May 30, 2013

Stuff done: • Tying a knot on my brain in regards to marketing of the book. It’s fun – I see so many possibilities as well as I get so much positive… Read More


Weekly roundup: week 20

By On May 22, 2013

A short one this week since I’m still waiting for my internet connection to get fixed by my provider. (I’m not that impressed to be honest…) Stuff done: Ironing out the last… Read More


Weekly roundup: week 13

By On April 2, 2013

A cute Easter gift I got from my friend Sarah.   This week has been a lesson in patience, that’s for sure. Not only did I choose to skip on going up… Read More

Change The World

The new professionalism

By On March 5, 2013

IMAGE OWNER: Vogue I briefly touched this subject in my post covering Webbdagarna because I though that Tine Thygesen encapsulated this beautifully in her speech about how she runs her company –… Read More

Change The World

Weekly roundup: week 7

By On February 17, 2013

(Photo by Sonja Dahlgren) This week flew by. I cannot believe I’m sitting here curled up in front of my macbook  doing a weekly roundup already. We got further then we thought… Read More

Change The World

Weekly roundup: week 6

By On February 10, 2013

This week I have learned a lot. Not just about arranging food photoshoots. Which are more demanding then fashion shoots in my opinion and experience. But also about myself. Which is always… Read More


Weekly roundup: Busy V

By On January 27, 2013

It’s been a couple of incredibly busy weeks. I haven’t had time to do my weekly round-ups on this project I’m working on now nor my weeks in general, and I can… Read More


Poster design thoughts

By On December 14, 2012

A while ago pitched for some design-work, sadly it didn’t lead anywhere but I still think that the material I produced and my thoughts around the whole assignment are worth to share.… Read More


Check out my gallery at ADA Sweden!

By On November 20, 2012

I’m superduper happy to announce that I’m now included in ADA – Association for Design and Advertising-  Sweden’s gallery for graphic designers, illustrators and various creative artists in west Sweden.   If… Read More


My vintage armchair

By On November 18, 2012

I got this photo sent to me the other day from my mom. It’s of an old armchair that I’ve had forever. It first cam into my family when my grandparents bought… Read More